Best Citrus Juicer Reviews 2020 – Best for Lemonade or Orange juice

When you’re a lemonade or orange juice lover, citrus juicer is a must to have item for your kitchen decor. That’s why we are here about best citrus juicer review. We all know about two of the most popular juicer types- masticating juicer and centrifugal juicer. They are handy and very popular. But when it comes to juicing citrus, they both shows their weakness.

In such cases, citrus juicers have no competitors. Moreover, they are dominating this era of juicing for a long time. Though, there are many brands of citrus juicers in market, but their quality is not all the same.

I have researched over 30 hours on finding the top picks of citrus juicers. Also, I spent some of those hourson going into the juice bars around. This made me an expert about it. So, trust me, this best citrus juicer reviewsin this article is not like other official reviews. What I am going to demonstrate are more of my real experiences, rather than collected information. So, my clear goal is letting you spend your money on the right place and brand.


• Beast Like Motor
• Perfect Art of Experimentation
• Sleek Design
• Operate it Easily
• Easy Juicing
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• Sturdy Body
• Better Functions
• Maximum Extraction
• Active Arm System
• Noiseless Working
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• Final Spin Feature
• Brushed Metal Housing
• Snap-Up spout
• Recipe Book free
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• Awesome Squeezing
• Easy Maintenance
• Light Handle with Comfortable Grip
• Long durable Material
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• Easy Handling
• Powerful Motor
• Anti-drip Function
• Serve Directly
• Simple Design
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Benefits of Using Citrus Juicers

When I am talking about citrus juicers, they have certain advantages if you are juicing any citrus fruits like lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc. Here is a short list of the benefits of using a citrus juicer:

  • You can have a glass of tasty natural juice.
  • The quality of juice is good enough for using it commercially.
  • Moreover, this can be a perfect addition if you have a juice bar and looking for orange, grapefruit or lemonade juice maker.
  • In a case of your affordability, this type of juicer is perfect for your home too.
  • When you are talking about reliability, these type of juicer is a basic type, and they are dependable.
  • They are small so that you can put it in your kitchen or your restaurant easily.
  • Nutrient value of this juicer’s juice is high and healthy.


Top 5 Best Citrus Juicer Reviews

01. JuiceMan JM3000 3 in 1 Total Electric Juicer Review

My first choice above all other citrus juicer is Juice Man JM3000. It is not an ordinary machine rather a juiceman with a more thorough juicing along with other essential features. Moreover, it is dependable; it is one of the best citrus juicers in the market. Here is the short description of the citrus juicer reviews.

Juiceman Electric Juicer Review

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Features and Benefits
Beast Like Motor

It is the best electric citrus juicer with the 800-watt motor. It is a beast like motor which can help you to squeeze out more juice that others can’t do. Furthermore, this is also a blender type juicer. So you can make your delicious favorite shake if you wish. Besides, the taste is natural and the health contents are also available. That’s why it is the best citrus juicer electric machine.

Perfect Art of Experimentation

You can experiment some recipes with the help of this juicer. Do more and more juicing. So that it can help you to find a delicious recipe. Again, juicing can be an art if you do it correctly and carefully. It has pressure activating auto start feature. The auto reverse is another handy feature of it. So it is perfect for any experimentation.

Sleek Design

This juicer is very compact looking. Moreover, you can get a feeling that it is not like another ordinary juicer. Though it is a simple looking juicer, it has the class that your eye can catch.

Parts Attachment Available

You can attach parts into this juicer for other uses. You can make a milk shake, chocolate shake as it is a blending type machine. Moreover, dual purpose cone is one of the parts that Juice Man provides. This can control the size and amount of citrus fruits that you will juice.

Operate it Easily

Juice Man JM3000 makes your job easier with their simple control. You can operate easily seeing it on operation once or twice. So brace yourself, this is the simplest machine that does huge jobs easily. There is no competitor of this juicer in this case. So it is one of the best commercial citrus juicer of all time.

Easy Juicing

As the operating system is easy to learn, this juicer has an advantage in this sector. But when it comes to juicing, the main thing you need is the recipe. Juice Man comes with a solution of it. You will get a recipe book with this juicer so you can learn to juice easily.


  • It comes with two citrus cone for various size of fruits juicing.
  • There are many possibilities of experimentation with this juicer.
  • It comes with a recipe book.
  • A combination of three various appliances that make delicious juice.
  • The juicer has dependable 800 Watt motor.
  • An easy cleanup system with Anti-drip spout.
  • The light weight that can take some time for you to cope up.


02. Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press Review

Breville citrus juicer is my second choice. It is one of the best manual citrus juicer. This juicing machine has a sturdy body, and you can rely on it. The quality of juice is top class. Let’s know more about it here.

Breville citrus juicer

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Features and Benefits:
Sturdy Body

The juicer manufacturer Breville comes up with the idea of using die-cast stainless steel as their body. So this is a good sign of the brand value. It is a pro grade stainless steel. Therefore, you can get the best service from it for a long time as it is durable.

Better Functions

Unlike other ordinary juicers, this machine has more handy features. A coarse filter that is made of stainless steel make the juice smooth. There is a cord storage so that you can store your juice after making it. It has two filters for different pulp.

Maximum Extraction of Juice

One size fits cones to make sure of the highest amount of juice extraction. Moreover, this is an important thing for any commercial use. So you can count on this juicer as it ensures with maximum extraction and no more juice will be wasted from now on.

Active Arm System

This is a feature that Breville calls the revolutionary function. It is an advance lever system that makes sure of effortless pressure to the fruits. So it is a great thing that other juicers can’t offer you.

Noiseless Working

There is no motor in this juicer, so normally it is noiseless. Moreover, the lever is very well functioned, therefore it is also quiet. The acid resistant body makes it indestructible in many ways.


  • Made with professional grade steel.
  • It comes with the best industrial strength of this juicer machine.
  • Revolutionary active arm lever system.
  • It’s a chef n freshforce citrus juicer.
  • The best manual citrus juicer around the market
  • Pulps can let off if you don’t handle it in the right way.
  • If you do a large amount of juicing, the collection pan may seem small to you.


03. Cuisinart CCJ-500DG Pulp Control Citrus Juicer, Dark Green

You know about the uses of juicer in your everyday life. Many children do not like fruits. But they hardly miss juice while offered. Therefore, your juicer has to be very healthy and well performed. People keep the Cuisinart citrus juicer on their top buying list because of juice cone, final spin, and some exceptional features. Let’s have a look about this citrus press juicer.

cuisinart citrus juicer

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Features & Benefits:
Final Spin Feature

Spinning quality controls the performance of your juicer. Obviously, the ingredients should be mixed smoothly in a juicer. This smooth and fast mixing is possible due to the auto-reversing reamer. Besides, the final spin feature just makes your juice complete.

Juicing Cone

The task of juicing cone is to make the given ingredients into many small parts. But imagine, juicing cone cannot accommodate the given fruits or ingredients in it. How will it make juice? You need not think about this best citrus juicer. This juicing cone can accommodate small lime to large grapefruits which are great.

Brushed Metal Housing

There is no way to skip this important feature. If you have a juicer with low-quality housing, your juice may not be healthy. It may mix with other ingredients. On the other hand, brushed metal is very safe.

Snap-Up spout

The spout is a big problem. Many best citrus juicer is unable to skip this. It can damage your juicer badly. This Cuisinart CCJ-500DG Pulp Control Citrus Juicer is free from this problem. Obviously, it makes your juicer long lasting.

Recipe Book

It is very normal not to know about many juice recipe. Besides, a single flavor will make you disappointed. Trial and error may not be adequate. At this circumstances, recipe book included this can be the best solution. Because it can reduce both cost and sufferings.


  • The juicer has a stainless steel body.
  • It is not as noisy as another juicer.
  • Have an exceptional “final-spin” feature.
  • The included pulp is controllable.
  • This juicer can snap-up spout.
  • The ‘pulp adjuster’ has little bit low performance.


04. FCH® Manual Juicer Home Use Juicing Machine Review

You hardly skip fruits on your food routine. But so often, children or old people cannot take various fruits. So, what is the solution? Do not forget that, both children and old person, no one refuses the juice offered. Moreover, after completing a heavy job at outside, juice can make you fresher instead of fruits. The FCH® Manual juicer becomes popular among people because of awesome squeezing, high-quality material, and easy maintenance. To know details about these impressive features, please explore the following review.

best manual citrus juicer

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Features & Benefits:
Awesome Squeezing

There is no way to leave any fruits ingredients while squeezing. Otherwise, the mixing will not fine. The FCH® Manual juicer is excellent for squeezing. So, it can squeeze grapefruits, lemons, oranges smoothly for producing juice.

Easy Maintenance

You have to wash your juicer so often. Even, while making back to back juice, you have to clean it after making one. Obviously, you do not want to go through a harsh and hard process. So, this best citrus juicer ensures easy to hand wash cone and also funnel parts.

Light Handle with Comfortable Grip

A long handle with rubber ensures a comfortable grip. Moreover, the lightweight handle gives a smart look to this best citrus juicer. This machine is a kitchenaid citrus juicer that will fit in your kitchen.

Body Material

The durability of any product depends upon the body material. For juice, it is more significant because the blade has to cut various fruits till there leave no ingredient. The stainless steel and cast iron are more than enough to perform this. As well as, it is long durable.


Without knowing the exact size, it is tough to choose a juicer. You also cannot decide either it is portable or not. You will find two sizes. These are (15.55 x 11.42 x 7.13)” / (39.5 x 29 x 18.1) cm (L x W x H). You can buy as you need.


  • High-quality stainless steel and cast iron make it more durable.
  • Very cumbersome and sturdy juicer.
  • The cleaning procedure is straightforward.
  • Do not leave anything behind while juicing.
  • Have a secure and comfortable grip.
  • The weight of the cast iron arm might be little heavy.

In the end, my special recommendation is to buy this FCH® Manual juicer. People hardly skip this unique product in their top buying list. Have a look at its recent price.


05. Eurolux Citrus Juicer Review

The last but not the least choice of mine is this Eurolux Citrus Juicer. This juicer is one simplest gorgeous machine that will blow your mind away with its design. Eurolux is one of the best juicer brands so you can rely on it.

Eurolux Citrus Juicer Review

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Features and Benefits:
Easy Handling

This juicer is not like other electrical juicers. It is easy to use and easy to learn. Moreover, it has an auto on-off system. All you have to do is press it when the citrus is inside it. So this is the simplest of all machine to use.

Powerful Motor

The 160-watt powerful motor is silent and enough to do the hard part of the job. You can rely on this machine because of the motor. It starts when you press and extract all the juice from the appliance fruits.

Anti-drip Function

When you are in need of spotless result this juicer has no rival. It has anti-drip function that is a system of no spilling. So your workplace remains clean. There is also an easy cleaning system. Therefore, it’s simple and handy to use. Moreover, these features made this Eurolux juicer one of the best juicers in this list.

Serve Directly

When you place citrus fruits like orange, grapefruits, lemon inside the machine, all you have to do is press. Then the juice will come out with the exit tape. There is no storage inside this juicer. You can press and hold a glass in front of the tape and instantly get a glass of fresh juice.

Simple Design

There is no storage and other parts in this juicer. When you need only a citrus juicer with affordable price, this is the perfect one. This juicers one size fits cone makes sure of maximum juicing from the inserted fruit. So this simple looking machine is the best choice for you if you want max service from a machine.


  • Comes with a handy design.
  • Offers you a 160Watt powerful motor.
  • It has automatic on-off depending on your press.
  • This juicer has a metal housing.
  • All the parts are detachable.
  • This is easy to clean juicer.
  • The Bigger cone can be a problem who wants a little amount of juice.


What Is Must Thinking Before Buying

Before buying a citrus juicer, you need to know the most important thing that this type of machines should have. Above all, we have known about the features of top 5 citrus juicers. Here is the thing you need to thinking before buying one of them.

Don’t Compare with Masticating or Centrifugal Juicers

Firstly, you have to have a clear concept that citrus juicers are of different type. The citrus juicing machine don’t stand a chance when you are thinking about the power of the juicers. Because the citrus juicer has a different style and the fruits are of different types. But you have to take care that the motor has to be strong enough for squeezing multiple fruits at a time. So look for a juicer that has minimum 25-watt power consuming motor and well warranty cover.

Seek for Technological Advantage

A citrus juicer is a basic machine for juicing. Most of the manufacturer has the same type of machines. So you have to look for a juicer that has technological advantages over other juicers. More features will make it more useful.

Like automatic pulp, ejection is not available all of the devices. So, this may be a handy choice for you. You should look for smart features that will make your job easier. You can think of easy cleaning feature. This is also a unique feature that your juicer should have. So you have to be careful before buying one.

Make the Best Decision According to Affordability

The most important thing that you have to keep in your mind that is you have to think about your affordability. Think smartly that will help you to choose the best one. You must look for the most important features that are mandatory for you to have. The best features you money can buy should be your target. So decide wisely, that will help you furthermore.

There are some factors I have described that you need to follow before buying. If you follow this instructions, I assurance you that you will end up purchasing the best one for your commercial use or your home. When you are willing to buy one of the juicers in this list, remember that you are having one of the best citrus juicers that money can buy.



Finally, we are here with the complete top 5 best citrus juicer reviews. I have done a huge homework to gather up all these information. So this is the place you can trust and rely. I suggest you, go for the machine you can afford. This list is the collection of the best machines I have come across.


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