Best Twin Gear Juicer Reviews Tribest Green star Elite GSE-5050

Twin gear juicer crushes or grinds fresh fruits and vegetables to extract the juice, nutrient, and enzymes to make your everyday an easy one.  To judge a juicer, we need to consider the craftsmanship along with the engineering. In case of efficiency and juice blending quality, this type of twin gear masticating juicer is considered as a unique one above the rest and a best twin gear juicer available in the market.


Why We Write this Review?

This juicer is very adaptable this can juice almost everything from fruits to vegetables. But all the juicer is not worth of money. We are writing the review of twin gear green star juicer, one of the most selling models in the market. We will point out the pros and cons of this product and our honest verdict whether to buy it or not.  This review will give our readers a clear idea of this product before making a decision to buy it.


Who Need This Twin Gear Juicer?

Tribest is well known in the market for their craftsmanship and stainless-steel construction. Green star twin gear juicer is known as the top cold press juicers made today. The main feature is, it can process juice at a very low RPM (82-110) which ensures the foods’ nutrient properly.  It will give you a proper value of time. It has a higher juicer yield and nutrient preservation with a state of the art cooling system. This juicer is for the people who lead a busy life and have a small time for a proper diet.


Features and Benefits

This Greenstar juicer is an award-winning juicer with superb quality and perfection.  It also adaptable with any kitchen’s design. The all new color variations also give an elegant look to your kitchen and home decorations. It also provides all the original accessories which make it another quality to become the best twin gear green juicer.

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The main features of this twin gear juicer are as follows:

  • Portability: It is highly portable with a balanced sure-grip handle which makes it easier for carrying. It comes with a 12 Year Warranty.
  • Low and perfect rpm: This processor produces little and ideal rpm for juice and grinding. It also preserves the juice for 72 hours. Green star twin gear juicer gives the perfect juice yield and the assurance of quality.
  • Easy to clean: Its automatic pulp ejection for uninterpreted juicing makes it also easier for cleanup. It can be cleaned with a simple mild soap; any hard chemicals or accessories are not required.
  • Easier to grind anything: It can juice, grind or blend anything effortlessly, even nuts.
  • More than a Juicer: This juicer is more than a juicer it will give you a high-end performance even grinding.
  • Assured Warranty: what you will really love about this juicer is that it comes with a 12-year long official warranty which ensures the longevity for an almost lifetime. Green star is also reliable in after sales services.


  • Juice yield: Twin gear masticating juicers produce a fantastic high juice yield with a minimum pulp. It’s also highest among all the other juicers in the market.
  • Powerful extraction: It provides a power extraction rate than any other juicer.
  • Noiseless: Though it has a high rpm motor, it’s theoretically noiseless compare to other juicers.
  • Multi-functional: Green star juicer is multi-functional. You can cook pasta, rice cookies or any bread sticks.
  • Ensures quality: This juicer do not heat up the juice after its blend which provides the maximum amount of nutrients to make it a best double gear juicer.


  • Time for cleaning: It has various sources of parts. Cleaning takes the time to clean all the accessories.
  • Pricey: It is a bit pricey but very good worthy to the other twin gear masticating juicers.
  • Time-consuming: It takes an ample amount of time to make a proper juice or grind due to its low RPM.
  • Heavy: Green star juicer is a heavy duty one with a weight of around 20lbs. It’s not the best double gear juicer for travel.



Finally, comes the actual part whether to buy it or not. If you are looking for a double gear juicer with longevity, then it is the one. Though it has some price and weight issues, the after sales services and the assurance of food nutrients makes it best twin gear juicer, undoubtedly. You can go with it if you value your money for a longer durability.


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