How To Clean Juicer – Some Important Tips Easy to Clean Juicer

Cleaning methods of household products like a juicer are not exciting rather than a very crucial task. It is really easy to clean juicer machine. The cleanliness and hygiene of a juicer are related to you and your family healthiness. So, you cannot but be conscious about cleaning a juicer. That’s why we are here about how to clean juicer properly for hygiene.


An unclean juicer might contain chemicals, pesticides, various, and bacteria which may affect yours badly. In a brief, the importance of cleaning a juicer is beyond description.


To be sure about the hygiene of your juicer, you have to know the guideline of cleaning a juicer. In this article, I have shared below step by step guideline about how to clean the juicer. Just try to grab these steps attentively to have a clean juicer like a new one! Let’s check out the exclusive juicer cleaning methods.


How to Clean Juicer

The task of juicer cleaning can be headed into two types; one regular juicer cleaning and another is removing tough residue. Using this ways it wills the best step too easy to clean juicer. All kinds of juicer, like as centrifugal, masticating, citrus, wheatgrass, sugar cane juicer you must clean regularly.


Regular Juicer Cleaning

The Cleaning Materials You Need for Regular Juicer Cleaning

  • Soft brush
  • Toothbrush or Nail brush
  • Water
  • Mild dish soap
  • Soft cloths
  • Spatula


Steps to Follow for Regular Juicer Cleaning

  • As a first step of your regular juicer cleaning, unplug the juicer. Then disassemble all the parts of the juicer perfectly. Dump these parts into the container or bin. Scrape out it with a spatula.


  • Rinse the juicer body with running water. You have to use small brushes to clean the small areas. You will find various types of small brushes at your nearby hardware shops. Use nail brushes to clean the crannies and nooks.


  • Pour pure water into the sink and add dish soap into it. Then Soak the juicer in it for few minutes. After that, wash it with a soft cloth or brush.


  • Don’t forget to clean mesh strainer. It can build up juice debris quickly. Keep special attention to it so that the juice particles cannot dry in it. Otherwise, you might face difficulties to remove these dry juice particles. You can use a soft cloth as well as water to clean up the machine itself.


  • And finally allow all the juicer pieces to dry completely. Then reassemble the juicer again. Now you are ready indeed to start your next juicing session.


Removing Tough Residue

The Cleaning Materials You Need for Removing Tough Residue

  • Denture tablets
  • White vinegar
  • Enzyme dish liquid
  • Milk
  • A bowl
  • A spray bottle
  • Salt


Steps to Follow for Removing Tough Residue

  • The preliminary step is same and that is unplugging the juicer. Then take all the parts apart.


  • First of all, run your regular juicer cleaning. But use Dawn Ultra Platinum or Laundress which contain enzymes instead of regular dish liquid. Then set the parts in an empty bowl or sink which have residue on them.


  • Soak the parts with water and drop them in couple denture tablets. You can use white vinegar and milk in equal amounts of, if they are like stubborn. Also use salt mixed hot water as an alternative option of white vinegar and milk.


Bottom Line

Generally, a juicer becomes dirty and unhygienic quickly for being regular used. So, if you show any negligence in cleaning it, you may face difficulties to clean your juicer eventually. Regularly cleaning will help you to get a healthy juice from your juicer.

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