What Is The Difference Between Manual Juicer and Electric Juicer

There are mainly two types of juicer- Manual Juicer and Electric Juicer. Hence, you may face taking decision if you don’t know the detail features of these two juicers. That’s why we try to find difference between Manual juicer vs Electric juicer.

When you decide to start juicing, you must have a juicer. Juicer is a conical-shaped kitchen utensil. You can use it for extracting or squeezing juice from various fruits and vegetables.

First of all, you have to be determined about your expectations from the juicer. What are the goals that you are trying to achieve mainly with it?

To smooth your decision making I am going to share here the basic difference between a manual juicer and electric juicer and what advantages and disadvantages they actually possess. . So let’s check out!


Manual Juicer

Manual Juicer is often called Hand Juicer. You need not plug it into the wall. So, you can use it when you are away from home and at the time of traveling even.manual juicer

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It only requires a basic pressing motion or squeezing. But you have to apply huge pressure here to get maximum production. This juicer produces pure juice and this juice contains more vitamins as well as minerals. As this juicer does not heat up without having electricity supply, so, its nutrients elements are not destroyed.

But one thing, this hand juicer takes a long time and is not suitable to produce large amounts of juice.


Electric Juicer

The utmost benefits of an electric juicer are that you could produce large amounts of juice at a time with it. But for this purpose, you have to put the fruits or vegetable piece by piece into the juicer. So, never think that this machine will do all the work itself.

electric juicer

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You will find different types of electric juicers available in the market. Among them masticating or Twin gear juicers are the best. They do not destroy minerals or vitamins of your juice being excessive heat.


If you are concerned with time, you will need to purchase a very You can also have a good electric masticating juicer if you are very much concerned about your time as it is less time-consuming.


Difference between Manual Juicer vs Electric Juicer

Manual Juicers

Electric Juicers

> The manual juicers are cheaper than the electronic juicer. > The electronic juicers are costly compared to all hand-operated juicers.
> They do not need electricity to run. So, they are portable completely. > They need electricity to run. They are not portable at all as you have to plug in it to operate.
> These types of juicers do not produce any noise. > As they are electric-operated juicers, they produce noise.
> They take long time producing juice. > Electronic juicers are less time consuming compared to manual juicers.
> Only limited amount of juice can be produced by the manual juicers. > But the Electronic juicers can produce large amount of juice even.
> They need extra effort and patience to produce juice for you. > They do not need extra effort and patience
> Manual juicers are easy and fast to clean up > Electronic juicers are little bit difficult to clean up

Manual Juicer vs Electric Juicer >> Bottom Line

Hopefully, it is now clear to you that both manual juicers and electric juicers have some benefits and drawbacks. Now, it is up to you that which types of juicer is best suitable for you.

If you want to have juicer at the time of travelling even, you might choose a manual juicer, though it is little bit costly.

But if you want to have a quick juice, electronic juicer can be ultimate choice for you. But keep in mind that it creates noise as it is run by electricity.


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