Best Commercial Juicer Machine Reviews 2019

Having a proper research of many times over the different best commercial juicers, I have come up with a short list review of 6 best commercial juicer machine. Furthermore, there were different types of juicer like masticating, centrifugal, etc. They extract the maximum amount of juice by crushing the vegetables and fruits. Therefore nutrients remain as they were.

Naturally, commercial juicers are for business issues, and the juicer has to do its job for a long time. Furthermore, for using the long time the juicer have to be durable. Moreover, this is for commercial purpose, so the quality of the juicer matters the most.

So, I suggest you sit back and relax a bit because we have the best informative review about the commercial juicing machine that you can rely on it. It is important to know what you are purchasing and how good it is.

Top 6 Juicer Machine Comparison Chart:
• Strong Single Gear Motor
• Two Stage Juicing
• Sturdy Body and Blade
• Easy to Assemble Parts
• Best Choice in Every Perspective
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• Advance Juicing process
• Easy Cleaning and Operating System
• 16 Sharp and Sturdy Shredder
• Powerful Motor You Can Depend
• Multi-purpose Usage
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• Best as Slow Speed Juicer
• Advanced Cold Pressure Process
• Higher Nutrition Value
• Strong Auger of this Juicer
• Easy Operating Advantage
New Age Living
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• Best Motor for Masticating Juicing
• Oxidation Reducing Process
• Extract the Last Drop
• Automatic Pulp Ejection System
• Various Functions for Using
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• Tough Body Strength
• Secure Usage
• Attractive Design
• Motors are Powerful
• Suitable for Any Place
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• Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juice
• Professional Quality Machine
• Sturdy Body
• Catchy Design
• Classic juicing process
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Are You Right For Commercial Juice Machine?

You are here because you need a juicing machine for a commercial issue. Before buying one, you have to think if you are right for using a commercial juice machine. These kinds of juicers are mainly for heavy juicing. If you make juice all day for your juice bar, you are the right person here.

When you are not good at juicing, you should go for beginner’s juicing machines. If you are a novice and eager to learn more about juicing for your job, you can go for purchasing the best commercial juicer.

For a juice bar owner, if you are going to purchase new juicers for your bar, you can go for these commercial juicers. They have a high price, and they also have the durable body and good performance.


Top 6 Best Commercial Juicer Machine Reviews


01. Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Low-Speed Masticating Juicer Review

From the very beginning, Omega is well-known for their best commercial juice machine. Omega J8004 Nutrition Center is not like their previous commercial juice extractors. Therefore, it has an advance technological advantage and higher quality of juicing capability. So this is the best commercial juicer reviews of Omega J8004.

Omega J8004 Masticating Juicer

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Features and Benefit:
Strong Single Gear Motor

80 RPM motor speed of Omega J8004 juicer is the ideal juicing speed of a masticating juicer. Where ordinary juicers have 6,000 to 15,000 RPM motors, they can’t process all the enzymes and nutrients because of their high speed. But this juicer can do the miracle of keeping all the healthy enzymes as they were.

Two Stage Juicing

This dual juicing process is the secret of Omega J8004’s high-quality juice making ability. It squeezes out the juice instead of grinding the fruits and vegetables. Which makes the juice color and taste natural. Firstly the crusher makes sure of extracting all the juice. After that at the ejecting time of pulps, the machines squeeze them. So that makes high yield juice with tasty natural color.

Sturdy Body and Blade

Materials of Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Juicer is 100% food graded. Besides,they are adamant for daily rough use in your juice bar. The blade of a juicer is one of the most important things that matters. It has GE Ultem Blade that is eight times stronger than ordinary hard plastics. So this can crush!

Easy to Assemble Parts

The parts of the Omega J8004 Commercial masticating juicer is easy to assemble. So you can use any types of parts for the various purpose of juicing. I recommend you for your purchase if you are looking for a juicer to do multi-purpose jobs. Moreover, it so easy to operate that a novice juice maker can use this after seeing several times. Furthermore, this juicer is easy to clean that makes it the best commercial juicer.

Best Choice in Every Perspective

I have experienced that Omega J8004 can store the juice for 72 hours without any degradation. It can prevent oxidation of the juice. Moreover, this juicer can extract the highest amount of juice with maximum vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Very dry pulps make sure of it.



  • 8x hard auger even though it is plastic.
  • Best for crushing and keeping nutrients constant.
  • Dry pulps prove that it extracts the maximum amount of juice.
  • It has 80 RPM standard masticating motor.
  • Two-stage processing of juice raises the juice quality.
  • This juicer’s body has 100% food grade materials.


  • These juicers parts are hard to find.
  • It’s not easy to get a hold of their customer service.


02. OrangeA 370W Commercial Juice Extractor (WF-A300) Review

The commercial juicer is very popular nowadays. So if you are looking for a centrifugal juicer for commercial usage, this is the first one I suggest. Moreover, OrangeA 370W Commercial Juicer Extractor is the most used centrifugal juicer that I came across in my research period. Therefore, let’s go for the description of it in our best commercial juicer review.

commercial orange juicer machine

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Features and Benefits:
Advance Juicing process

There are eight different adjustable positions for juice outlet. You can make convenient placement of the outlet of this juicer. In this juicer, there is a function for separating the juice of fruits and vegetables. You can separate the slugs also. While you are juicing the pulps ejects immediately. Therefore, you can make sure of continuous non-stop juicing.

Easy Cleaning and Simple Operating System

The body of this commercial juicer is made from stainless steel. So it is sturdy and handy when it comes to durability. Its body is corrosion proof. Therefore, you can use this for any rough and tough job. The operating system is easy, and the juicer is simple to operate. When you are done with your juicing, you can clean it easily. Furthermore, this machine is the perfect choice for any commercial purpose.

16 Sharp and Sturdy Shredder

There are two cutters of this juicer’s plate configurations.Therefore, you can use this machine for any centrifugal style juicing. The sharp blades are dependable, and it can make sure of maximum juice extraction. You will get the natural taste also. So, you can say this juicer the best commercial juicer for its unique features.

Powerful Motor You Can Depend

With a rotate speed of 2,800 RPM, OrangeA has made the best Centrifugal juicer of all time. It has lower speed than other ordinary centrifugal juicers. Therefore, the nutrients of fruits and vegetables contain the maximum amount. It powers up at 370 Watts. Its’ production speed is about three ¼ quarts in a minute.

Multi-purpose Usage

If you are going to buy a centrifugal juicer, OrangA has the best one for you. It is an ideal choice for your juice bar. Moreover, you can use this in your health clubs and your restaurants. So that it a perfect for multi-purpose usage. You can use this juicer for juicing many types of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, it is one of the best commercial juicers.



  • It contains adjustable eight different juicing outlets.
  • Dependable motor with 2,800 RPM speed.
  • Sharp blades that can make perfect juice.
  • The commercial juicer comes with easy cleaning advantage.
  • The operating system is easy for newbies.
  • Best choice for using in various purposes.


  • It is slightly heavy, so you have to be careful when shifting place.


03. New Age Living Wide Chute Masticating Slow Juicer Machine Review

New Age is a famous brand well-known for their best commercial cold press juicer. Therefore, you can rely on its juicing quality. I have used one of their juicing machines while researching. In a word, this is the finest you can get in this price range. So, go through all the features of this juicer here.

commercial slow juicer

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Features and Benefits:
Best as Slow Speed Juicer

New Age offers a commercial grade juicer with the best motor for masticating juicing. The speed of this motor is 45 RPM, so it is the best choice for any professional masticating juicer user. Moreover, it can suck out every last ounce of juice from fruits and vegetables. The powerful motor of this slow commercial juicer allows it to do so.

Advanced Cold Pressure Process

This juicer is not only masticating type. Moreover, it also has another process for better extraction of juice. When you insert ingredients inside the juicer, it makes the juicing in two different steps. Firstly, it crushes the fruits and vegetable. Then it starts the cold pressure, so the very last drop of juice came off the pulp.

Higher Nutrition Value

As you are using a masticating style of juicing, the ingredients crush slowly. So the healthy enzymes and nutrients remain constant. So you can get highest nutrition value using this juicer.

Strong Auger of this Juicer

Auger is the most important part of a masticating juicer. This juicer has a sturdy auger that you can depend on. Therefore, the crushing of the ingredients is finely processed. This juicer’s auger is not like other machines on the market. It is a 4th Generation Auger of whole food. So it is powerful enough to squeeze juice from any hard fruits or vegetables.

Easy Operating Advantage

New Age offers a simple masticating juicer. So that, no matter if the user is newbie or pro, he can use it if he follows the user manual attentively. You can easily add new parts in this juicer if you need it. Therefore, the juicer is worthy of being in our best commercial juicer review.



  • Indicated buttons to make sure of easy operating access.
  • Powerful Auger with 4th generation best food grade materials.
  • 45 RPM sturdy motor for finest masticating juicing.
  • Healthy nutrients remain in highest amount when you use this juicer.
  • Cold Press process makes it advance in technical issues.
  • Wide chute makes sure of more amount of juicing at a time.


  • Fruits and vegetables have to cut in cube size to get the best output.


04. Omega J8003 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer Review

Omega J8003 is a masticating type juicer. The slow process of juicing makes the juice high yielded. Therefore, the natural taste and quality of the juice remain the best. All these features make it the best commercial juicer. Let’s learn more about this juicer.

commercial juicer reviews

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Features and Benefits:

Best Motor for Masticating Juicing

Unlike other ordinary juicers on the market, the motor of this juicing machine is sturdy and dependable. It turns at 80 RPM speed and crushes the ingredients finely. The single phase 1/3 horse power induction motor is powerful enough. So you can say this masticating juicer the best commercial juicer.

Oxidation Reducing Process

Low speed of the motor makes sure of preventing the natural minerals and enzymes of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it can reduce oxidation of the juice. So, the taste remains same if you drink it after some time. You can store the juice up to 72 hours.

Extract the Last Drop

When you are juicing various types of vegetables and fruits, your juicer have to be able to extract all the juices from it. So that can be profitable for your commercial place.

Omega J8003 offers maximum extraction of the leafy green vegetables or even wheatgrass. There for this commercial wheatgrass juicer is the best choice for you in most cases.

Automatic Pulp Ejection System with Two Stage Juicing

Dual stage process of juicing makes the juice tastier. You will get the natural color and taste of the ingredients. Therefore, leave it to Omega J8003 if you want to make the best fruits and vegetable juice. After extracting the juice by crushing them, the juicer ejects the pulp automatically.

Various Functions for Using

For any commercial purpose, you can use this machine to make baby foods and nut butter making. So use this as a juicer, as a pasta extruder and grinder.



  • Good at juicing leafy green vegetables and wheatgrass.
  • 1/3 horse-powered masticating juicer motor is dependable.
  • Two stage juice processing makes the juice natural.
  • Advance, auto pulp ejection, is a bright feature of this juicer.
  • High yield percentage contains juicing with this juicer.
  • Non-stop juicing access with reverse mode.


  • The small screen takes a long time to clean.
  • You have to chop off your ingredients a little for better performance.


05. FoodKing Orange Juicer Orange Squeezer Machine Cuisinart Juice Extractor Review

FoodKing presents the best commercial orange juice machine of all time. This juicer is the best choice for fruits juicing. Its specialty is extracting orange and lemons for making juice. Here is the full review of the commercial orange juicer machine.

commercial grade juicer

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Features and Benefits:
Tough Body Strength

FoodKing offers you the toughest stainless steel case of the juicer. So you can use for a long time. Moreover, the durability of this juicer is extraordinary. That’s why it is in our best commercial juicer list.

Secure Usage

There is some security issue as the juicer crushes your ingredients. When you open the cover of this machine, it stops working. So it’s safe if you wish to see inside the machine.

Attractive Design

The sleek design is very eye catching. The engineering of this juicer is of high quality. Therefore, every part of this juicer works finely. This is the best commercial orange juicer on the market.

Special Orange and Lemon Juicing Capability

The specialty of this juicer is making juice from oranges and lemons. It can squeeze out the juice of 22 – 30 oranges in a minute. This is also acceptable for lemons. So we can say this juicer the best commercial citrus juicer of all time.

Motors are Powerful

FoodKing offers a motor of 110 volts to 120 volts. Their frequency is up to 60Hz. It consumes 120 watts when you are juicing with it. Furthermore, you can say it is a powerful motor for juicing oranges and lemons.

Suitable for Any Place

You can place this beautiful juicer anywhere you want. When you are willing to put this juicer in your kitchen, it will fit there. Moreover, for restaurants, hotel bars, juice bars or in a coffee shop, there is no place that you can’t put this juicer.



  • The sturdy body makes this juicer durable.
  • Sleek design makes it attractive.
  • The high speed of extracting orange and lemons.
  • Place this suitable juicer anywhere.
  • Easy and convenient process of juicing


  • If you use carelessly, you may end up breaking apart.


06. Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press Review

A commercial grade juicer from Jupiter that can be a real help if anyone wants to have a classic hand press based juicer. Therefore, if you worry much about fresh juice, this may be a solution for you. Here is the review of the commercial juice press machine from Jupiter.

best commercial cold press juicer

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Features And Benefits
Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juice

Jupiter offers you a professional juicer for your commercial purpose. It comes in black color. This juicer is a classic type juicing machine so you can press the machine to squeeze out the every last bit of juice. SO, the juice is fresh like ever.

Professional Quality of the Machine

The Jupiter Large is our last choice as a commercial juicer. When you have to think out of the box and get a classic juicing machine for your juice bar or restaurant of the health club, this is the one you should purchase. Its juicing process is simple and natural. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about the nutrition value of the juice.

Sturdy Body

When you are talking about the durability of this Jupiter Large Commercial juicer, I assure you it can handle everything you need to do in juicing. The body of this juicer is made of the combination of 18/10 hard stainless steel and cast iron. This represents the high built quality of this best commercial juicer.

Catchy Design

As it is a professional quality juicer, its design is first class. When I first saw that, it reminded me the classic lemon juicer that you have to press to squeeze out the juice to make juice. Moreover, this one is the modern version, and the compact design of it makes the juicer attractive.



  • The high-quality juicing ability of this juicer.
  • Has strong body with the combination of iron and stainless steel.
  • This juicer contains the classic juicing process.
  • You can get the freshest and natural juice ever.
  • Expert of making juice of Orange, Lemon, Grapes, Lime, etc.
  • It gains most stability because of its strong base.


  • You have to slice the fruits to make sure of having more amount of juice.


Consideration to Buy Best Commercial Juice Extractor

When you are about to buy a commercial juicer you have to make sure you are getting your hands on the best one. To do so, you have to consider several things I am suggesting you here:


Firstly, you have to think about how sturdy your juicer is. When you use the juicer for commercial purpose, the juicer may have to work for a long time. So in that case, you have to make sure the durability of the juicer you are buying.


Secondly, the most important thing to consider before buying a commercial juicer is the attractive design of it. When your customers have an eye on your juicing machine, and it can make him happy with its neat design, the customer can stop by for a glass of drink.


The next thing you have to keep in your head is the power of the motor. In the commercial sector, long time juicing ability matters. But if your juicer has a strong motor and sharp auger, this can make it the best commercial juicer. So you have considered that your juicer has a strong motor inside it. It will help you out in the long run.

Cleaning Access

Cleaning up the mess after using a machine is the key to using a machine forever. When you take care of your goods, they will support you and serve you for a long time. But in a commercial issue, you have to juice more and more amount of fruits and vegetables. So, you need to clean it in a while. Easy cleaning will make your job simple and stress-free. It is an important thing that you should consider before buying.

Using Various Parts

Lastly, the juicing machine you are going to buy, it has to have various options of adding parts in it for different job purpose. So, you can process food in it. You can use the juicer for other blending purpose if the machine allows changing parts. When it comes to the commercial issue, this is the must-have feature for your juicer.

Considering these will help you to choose the best commercial juicer you are looking for.



Finally, we have reached the deepest surface of the informative review about the best commercial juicer. Now, you have to choose wisely and think for the long run. SO, in this review, I have gathered all the information I gained in my long term research. Moreover, I have used all of them and write things that the professionals suggested.

Overall, this is the right place if you are looking for the best commercial juicer for your juice bar, restaurant, health club, canteen, cafe of home. The specialty of these juicers is their manufacturer built them for commercial purpose. So, they are not like other juicers.

Furthermore, there are many ordinary juicers with lots of features. But they are just talking. I have faced someone complaining a lot about them. They advised me not to spend a penny on them. This six commercial juicer is the best of all you will get on the market. So don’t hesitate, make sure your purchase from one of these on our list as the expert suggested them.

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