Champion Juicer Reviews Commercial G5-PG710 Masticating Extractor

You have been thinking about getting most out of juicing with fruits and vegetables at home, but failed to find a suitable juicer machine yet. As a juicing expert, I want to shed light on this Champion Juicer reviews. Read more about “Champion Juicer Reviews Commercial G5-PG710 Masticating Extractor”

While doing my research for this review, I found according to one customer that- he needed a juicer for about 5 pounds of carrot for the cancer patient, and it worked great! What a miracle of engineering which ensures juicing at the shortest possible time with easy cleanup! This is going to be a great one with a high-quality juice at your home. The juicer reviews is the outcome of the month-long research. Thus, here, you’re getting the information in a nutshell.

Champion Juicer Reviews Commercial G5-PG710 Masticating Extractor

For more to explore, go through the champion juicer reviews below:

Bullet Point >> Features & Benefits

➔ This is a Well-known brand and offers upgraded package.

➔ The commercial juice extractor is a new version with more features available.

➔ The champion juicer parts has tomato screen for a better view and ensures easy cleanup.

➔ The commercial juice extractor has Upgraded cup with better quality.

➔ It has sturdy and best motor for juicing.

➔ The champion juicer parts has Power connection with good RPM.

➔ It has adjustable power up system for easy manipulation.

➔ The commercial juice extractor ensures multipurpose usage.


Whom is this juicer for?

Hope that you are here for the complete overview of a champion masticating juicer. As you have intent on knowing all about champion juicer parts in the champion juicer reviews, so now, you need to know where you can use this juicer and whom this juicer for. Therefore, in our juicer reviews, we are here to make a list of it. Here it goes:

  • Housewives who make juice for their kids and family.
  • A juice bar needs to have this.
  • People on diet and need to take juice.
  • Food corner owners must have this juicer.

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✓ With this juicer you will get a beast like powerful motor.

✓ Easy washing is one of the coolest features of this juicer.

✓ This one is the perfect example of better value of price.

✓ Heavy duty motor helps you to juice more finely.

✓ Its sturdy body makes it more durable.

✓ The attractive design of this juicer makes it up to date with modern fashion.

✓ You can get the best natural tasty juice from the juicer


✗ For making nut milk, you may have to go through some process


Product Specification:
  • Product dimension: 17x7x10 inches
  • Weight of the juicer: 24.4 pounds
  • Model No: G5-PG710
  • Color: Black, White
  • Material: Stainless Steel, hard plastic
  • Motor: 650 watts powered with 1/3 horsepower
  • RPM: 1725
  • Speed of juicing: Slow speed, 5-10 minutes
  • Yield of juice: High
  • Cleaning time: Easy, less than 5 minutes
  • Best for making juice of Vegetables of all kind, Fruits, and Nuts.


Features and Benefits As Brief

In these champion juicer, you can find the important features of the product.

This is a Well-known brand and offers upgraded package:

Champion is well known as a juicer brand since last 60 years. To celebrate their 60th Anniversary, they have come with this G5-PG710 commercial juice extractor. That obviously is a special version that offers upgraded champion juicer parts. The price is in range, and you can get new features with it. Certainly, this upgraded package is a beneficial choice for you.

The commercial juice extractor is a new version with more features available:

Champion G5-PG710 juicer is a new version of commercial juice that has many more features than the previous one. It comes with a large hole in the screen. This hole helps to contain more space for vegetables or fruits. So, with the help of it, you can make more juice than before.

The champion juicer parts has tomato screen for a better view and ensures easy cleanup

In your dining, this juicer will add a new look and new taste over your food habit. Therefore, the manufacturer also provided tomato screen. You can see inside the juicer and get the idea when it is going to be a perfect juice. This is a very important feature that makes in more advanced than the last model of Champion juicer. Moreover, after using this juicer, it offers an easy cleaning option for it.

The best juicer machine has upgraded cup with better quality

With the juicer, you will also get, a new upgraded cup where the juice belongs. This is bigger than the previous one you have come across. Upgraded means the cup quality is better than before. As it is a special edition of the 60th anniversary of champion juicer brand, every bit of the upgrade is like a bonus for the user of this juicer brand. Certainly, this is one of the best offers that you will get once in a lifetime.

It has sturdy and best motor for juicing

The main attraction of a juicer is its motor. Before buying a branded juicer, everyone thinks about how well the motor works actually. So, in this version, champion juicer parts have come with the best motor of all time. Additionally, it is a 1/3 horsepower motor. This is a beast like a motor that will help you each time you turn on the juicer to juice your veggies and fruits.

Moreover, it is an electric motor which is very sturdy and heavy-duty. In the meantime, you can actually depend on this juicer’s’ motor when it needs. So, there is a feeder tube in the motor having a large diameter of 17.5 inches.

The champion juicer parts has Power connection with good RPM

The power connection system of this motor is not like other cheap juicers. They have proved their brand value with every bit of details of the juicer. Beside the 1725 RPM motor, it powers up connecting with 110 volts power source. The motor of this juicer have 540-watt power consumption, and the frequency of the motor is 50Hz.

It has adjustable power up system for easy manipulation

There are other uses of this heavy duty juicer. So, it completely depends on you and the situation you are using the juicer. If you have a great time and you are using the juicer with patience, you will get the best output of using the champion juicer. But if you are late, you can power up the motor and make your juice faster than you usually do. So it makes sure that you are getting the most benefits the juicer can provide.

The commercial masticating juicer ensures multipurpose usage

You can use this juicer for making juice of veggie loaves. If you are on a diet, this juicer is a life saver for you. You can make sherbets of any kind using the desired ingredients. When you have a baby, and you need to make juice of the food of your child, this juicer can help you out with it. Moreover, you can hope for getting the best help from this juicer if you wish to make a fruit sauce. You also can make nut butter using this juicer. It makes sure that the juicer is the perfect multipurpose usage when it needs.



Did you like the features of champion juicer reviews above? Though it’s little bit pricey, you’ll love it due to durability, longer lifespan and for a great masticating quality. Thus, considering it all, you can increase your budget limit a little bit, to afford this product. If time is your priority, then I would suggest you, have a better look at this product.


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