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Many of us desire to have a heavy-duty power juicer right at our kitchen counter top in case of frequent use. If you are someone looking for a perfect combination of quality and heavyweight functionalities, this jack lalanne power juicer review is meant to be for you.

As Jack Lalanne is one of the few reputed brands in the industry, we had a strong first impression to jack lalanne power juicer we are talking about. In addition, it’s handful of functionalities and a variety in models have added to its value. Moreover, because of its stainless steel finish, powerful 3600 RPM motor and black housing, it performs over the par in case of durability as well.


Whom Is This Product For?

As mentioned earlier, the jack lalanne’s power juicer is an all-rounder in heavyweight juicing tasks. Therefore, it had been popular among these types of users specially-

  • Homemakers who has large number of family members.
  • Commercial restaurant-based users.
  • Health conscious people who need nutritious diets regularly.

Apart from the above mentioned ones, jack lalanne power juicer is also meant to serve people with digestive disorders and weak physique.


Jack lalanne power juicer review Stainless-Steel Juicer

Considering both ends of price and quality, our experts found it an extremely check-able low-price Juicer in the existing market. Have a closer look at its features in the jack lalanne power juicer review below-


Bullet Point >> Features & Benefits
  • The juicer machine includes extra-large chute for sufficient capacity.
  • It’s a whisper-quiet juicer.
  • The juicer comes with high speeds induction motor for better performance.
  • Stainless-steel body makes the machine more attractive and durable.
  • The Juicer machine includes a large pulp collector.



  • This machine is sturdy.
  • It works quietly with almost no whispering.
  • This juicer is easy to use.
  • You can clean up quickly.
  • You can ensure natural taste.
  • Jack LaLanne’s power juicer can make the juice quickly.


  • For long-term use, there can be problem in the consistency of the juicing.
  • You can use this Jack LaLanne power juicer parts for hard fruits or veggies but not for soft one.


Product specification:

  • Dimension: 12 x 18 x 17 inches
  • Manufacturer: Jack LaLanne
  • Product Weight: 16.8 pounds
  • Model no. : JLSS
  • Induction motor: 3,600 RPM
  • Material: stainless steel


Features & Benefits – With Short Description

  • The machine includes extra-large chute for sufficient capacity:

The very first impression of this juicer is- it comes with a larger round shaped chute. Thus, this will help you for additional storage of fruits and vegetable. In fact, you can prepare large drink or juice with this product quickly. Even, the full chutes will make you cleaning easy. Again, the juicer includes a food pusher to push all the ingredients into the chute correctly. Then, any one of them won’t slip out and go outside the chute. And, you will get 100 percent of it. So, in a true sense, if you want a juicer that will have the capacity for maximum storage, this product is for you.

  • It’s a whisper-quiet juicer:

Another feature of this Jack LaLanne’s power juicer is that it’s quiet. Thus, the electric juicer is very friendly to the environment. As most of the high power juicer has louder sound while operating, it disturbs the mental peace. Thus, it seems like the ear is buzzing all the time. But this incredible juicing machine doesn’t have that problem. Again, the product has fewer vibrations compared to other electric juicers. Thus, for a noise-friendly juicing machine it’d be the best choice. So, this Jack LaLanne power juicer review is surely going to help you.

  • The juicer comes with high speeds induction motor for better performance:

Most important feature of the this power juicer is its powerful high-speed motor. This induction motor has the capacity about 3600 RPM. In fact, it is very high speed and more than enough. Again, the juicer comes with patented technology of extraction. In fact, this motor ensures high performance with additional durability. Again, the motor delivers maximum power for crushing the ingredients. As a combined effect of all these features, it results in first extracts of the fruits and vegetables.

  • Stainless-steel body makes the machine more attractive and durable:

The jack lalanne juicer parts are made of stainless steel. Thus it is highly corrosion resistant. So, you can use it for longer time without any harm to the body. The stainless steel gives the machine an attractive look. Again, jack lalanne juicer parts are hard and resistant to corrosion. Even the crushing blade is made of surgical stainless steel. Thus, this product parts show the best performance for crushing dry and hard fruits. So, you can crush and blend nuts, dry fruit, and other vegetables effortlessly with the sharp steel blade. Hence, you can have fresh juice extract easily.

  • The machine includes a large pulp collector:

It’s a great problem if not getting enough spaces for collecting the pulp and extracts. Thus, the Jack LaLanne juicer review ensures that it has a large- capacity collector for pulp end fruit extract. So, you should not worry while collecting the extracts. Again, the machine delivers fresh and healthy juice and extracts. Again, Jack LaLanne power juicer parts are free to dishwashers. So, one can clean up the machine in no time. Furthermore, the jack lalanne juicer parts are drip-free.


To explore the product yourself, check it out by product page Click here…



We are at the very end of today’s jack lalanne power juicer review, and here we are going to summarize our observations. As we have found, the jack lalanne power juicer parts can start serving weakly if you use it for a long time with no proper cleaning and maintenance. If you make sure to check that, we are pretty sure not to find any better choice of masticating juicers in market.


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