SKG Juicer Review – Chute Anti Oxidation Masticating Juicer


If you are a homemaker, you might be always thinking of a juicer that can extract mouth watering refreshing juice for your family and also reach no hassle with cleaning up itself. In that case, I want to focus from my lab on the skg juicer review I have written recently.

From the research work, the skg juicer came out to be the best masticating juicer with ergonomic design. Moreover, it’s silent juicer, and it can accommodate a larger amount of fruits due to its large container. Besides, you can work comfortably due to handles on the machine. Finally, if you want your juice to be smoother, then this is going to be the right choice for you.


Whom is this SKG juicer for?

Our moms always want us to take juice at least once in a day as it is nutritious for health. So it may be a good gift for our mother that we can gift her in mother’s day. Thus, this is a list that shows for whom this juicer is perfect.

  • For our moms who love always making juice for us.
  • Wise choice for upgrading the old juicer of your juice bar with it.
  • For food corners who wants to earn from vegetarians.
  • A perfect addition for your new cafeteria.


Bullet Point >> Features & Benefits

The skg masticating juicer ensures high- quality performance.

It offers nutritious juice with anti oxidation.

The juicer has Wide chute for greater accommodation.

The juicer has Large clogging system for reducing the juicing time.

➔ Skg masticating slow juicer review ensures natural taste.

The skg slow juicer is made up of high quality material with stainless steel body.

➔ Skg masticating juicer has eye-catching sleek design.

The juicer has powerful motor for perfect juicing.

Chute Anti Oxidation Masticating Juicer reviews ensures silent juicing.



✓ The first attraction of this juicer is large and wide chute.

✓ Slow juicing speed of 60 RPM helps the juicer to make sure the natural taste.

✓ You will notice less noise in juicing than other juicer.

✓ The juicer is made with 100% food grade materials

✓ If you want to make juice naturally this is the best choice.

✓ Secure operating system makes sure the safe use of the juicer.

✓ It is easy to clean after using the juicer.



✗ For Soft foods, you need to juice carefully.

✗ Slow juicing results in more pulps than other juicers


Product Specification:

  • Product dimension: 21.8×13.2×10 inches
  • Weight of the juicer: 19.2 pounds
  • Manufacturer: SKG Electric LLC
  • Color: Red & Black
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • RPM: 60
  • Speed of juicing: Medium
  • BPA availability: No
  • Oxidizing level: Low
  • Juice Yield: High
  • Power Consume: 240 watts


Features and Benefits > As briefly discus

The skg masticating juicer ensures high- quality performance

When you have a hand on SKG juicer, you will feel the difference between an ordinary juicer and this premium one. It is one of the best SKG slow juicers with high-quality performance. The juicing speed is low, but its juicing quality is a lot more upgraded than any other juicer.

It offers nutritious juice with anti-oxidation

SKG masticating juicer is one of the best of all juicers. The minimal oxidation makes it masticating. Thus, it helps the juice to taste more yummy, nutritious and tasty. Moreover, you can feel the natural taste, and it is splendid for health. The taste is different from other cheap juicers. Finally, this juicer is for slow juicing and anti-oxidation of the juicer.

The juicer has Wide chute for greater accommodation

With the help of wide chute of this SKG slow juicer, you can accommodate more ingredients at a time than before. So you can juice more amounts with this skg masticating juicer. You have to be careful that you are using it in right way. The mouth of this juicer’s’ chute is 3 inches wide. It is enough for less chopping usage of your ingredients.

The juicer has Large clogging system for reducing the juicing time

The clogging resistance is larger in amount than it was before. It can reduce your time of juicing and cleaning the juicer after using this. Certainly, these SKG slow juicers made the user happy and attracted to buy this juicer.

The skg masticating slow juicer review ensures natural taste

Juice yield is one of the most important facts that you have to keep in mind. Little oxidation makes it taste good and natural. If you use Apple, the yield percentage is 65-75%. And for Orange, Pear, Celery and Carrot the juice yield rate is respecting 85-90%, 78-83%, 65-70% and 42-47%. There is a sturdy valve that makes sure the minimal oxidation during the juicing time.

The skg slow juicer is made up of high quality material with stainless steel body

As it is an SKG masticating juicer, the materials should be on food grade scale. The stainless steel body and silicon components of the juicer are of TRITAN high-quality food grade materials. Additionally, PIE screws are also of same materials.

The skg masticating juicer has eye-catching sleek design

This juicer has a certificate from ETL, CE, and ROHS. So you can be sure of the quality of the materials of this juicer. The sleek design of it makes it eye-catching. Moreover, the details of this juicer are very straightforward and attractive. And we all know that beautiful products are naturally of high quality.

The juicer has Sturdy handle for easy lifting

Its handle is strong enough to make your job easier. You can easily handle 16 pounds of juicer using this handle. It comes with a beautiful gift box. That is of high premium quality. Though it has a sturdy body, it is easy to handle and clean. But you have to be gentle while using this. If you use it with care, indeed it will serve you for a significant period.

The juicer has powerful motor for perfect juicing

SKG presents the powerful motor with an upgrade that can make your juicing experience more exciting. The motor is very powerful, and it comes with the slow juicing feature. Slow juicing is one of the unique features that we prefer. The motor is 240 watts power consumption that makes it powerful enough to make your juice perfect.

Chute Anti Oxidation Masticating Juicer reviews ensures Silent juicing

When you are making juice the noise of blending ingredients for juicing is one of the monotonous effects of a juicer that we all experience. But SKG juicer machine make sure of fixing this problem once and forever. The large chute of this masticating juicer has a slow juicing system. So, that makes it quieter than other juicers. It helps you to enjoy your work with more concentration. So, now you can continue your chat during the time of juicing.

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If you want to ensure high yielding juice with anti-oxidation, you can choose this juicer with consider the SKG juicer review. Though you need to increase your budget limit for affording this product, I can assure you that it won’t disappoint you at the end. When you’ll get nutritious, fresh and tasty juice, you’ll admit that I was not wrong.


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