Nutribullet vs juicer, which one is best for weight loss?

Are you bored of spending the time to decide which one is best between nutribullet and juicer for losing your weight? No doubt, it is very sensitive to figure out which one best for weight loss.

In these perspectives, you have to find out first what types of juice they produce and what elements of this juice contain.


In this article, you will find detail features of these two juicing machines and their advantages and disadvantages which will smooth your decision-making process. So, let’s check out Nutribullet vs juicer.

What is the Nutribullet machine?

The nutribullet is a powerful blender. It can turn even whole vegetables and fruits into smoothies. The smoothies made with the nutribullet are thicker in structure.

It produces smoothies having healthy fiber which can fulfill your hunger or can remain your strength for a long time. So, it works best in weight losing.

The Nutribullet can serve you as a food processor also. You can have some healthy snacks like hummus or guacamole and soups with it. It is less expensive and takes less space in your kitchen. It is called a standard juicer as it is easier to clean.



  • Nutribullet is easier to prepare, use, clean and.
  • You can have a delicious and healthy drink with it in less than 30 seconds.
  • It has 600+ watts cyclonic motor.
  • It is comparatively cheaper than most other Masticating Juicers.
  • You can have powder from nuts mill fruits, and other stuff with it.
  • You will enjoy all the fiber of fruits and vegetables in it
  • It helps to feel full and satiated satisfaction after drinking a Nutriblast.



  • Normally, there is no warranty with it. To get 5 Years you have to pay extra $14.
  • The drinks that it produces is very thick
  • The price is not fixed. It differs in different stores -offline and online


What is the Juicer machine?

The Most attractive feature of a juicer is that it can produce immediately consumable juice. You can drink this juice produced by juicer without adding any additional ingredients.

It can experience you better tastes as it can pulp the fruit or vegetable. But this juicer made juice has to be devoured at room temperature. You get more vitamins and nutrition in a juice made with a juicer that our body can absorb more quickly.

But juicer cleaning is a time-consuming process. You have to clear out refrigerator spaces also for juice ingredients.



  • A juicer ensures the best taste as it is nothing but a watery element of fruits and vegetable.
  • It essences almost all the enzymes from the fruits and vegetable that you give into it
  • It can easily separate the Pulp of the juice elements.
  • We cannot digest some veggies or grass by our body. But we can easily digest them by Juicing (e.g. Wheatgrass)
  • It is the best solution for consuming super food.



  • It is too much time-consuming. You have to clean your kitchen before and afterward of juicing.
  • The drinks made by the juicer have no fiber in drinks.
  • Having no fiber, these types of drinks cannot your hungry.

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Nutribullet vs juicer : The comparison

Nutribullet MachineJuicer Machine
Nutribullet Machine:
It is very fast to make smoothie
Juicer Machine:
It takes long time to make juice
Nutribullet Machine:
The nutribullet’s drink has fiber. So, it can even fulfill your hungry
Juicer Machine:
The juicer’s drink has fiber. So, it can fulfill your hungry at all.
Nutribullet Machine:
Nutribullet cannot separate the pulp of juice elements.
Juicer Machine:
But the juicer can easily separate the pulp of juice elements.
Nutribullet Machine:
It is easy to maintain
Juicer Machine:
It is comparatively tough to maintain
Nutribullet Machine:
It produces healthy drinks
Juicer Machine:
It produces tasty drinks.

Bottom Line

Now, it is you who is the ultimate person to take final decision that between nutribullet and juicer, which one is best. Both the machines have advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your personal tastes and preferences that which one you will choose.


Both machines do what they are made to do, and very well. The Nutribullet is not the only single serve blender on the market, tho it’s the model we have decided to use for this comparison.


The fact you can consider is that nutribullet is simple to use and clean, but it has no pulp leftover. On the other hand, a juicer can make thin juice that is enough to drink promptly, but it has lack of the healthy fiber.

But if your purpose is to lose your weight, then nutribullet can be your best choice.

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