Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer Review


A right choice of juice extracting device can be your key to a healthy and nutritious life. But, keeping all the nutrients same as the fresh fruits and vegetables is hard for most of the traditional juicers in market. Therefore, Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer will be one of the best choices according to my research of last couple of week.

The low-speed juicer crushes the ingredient so gently that all the enzymes and vitamins remain harmless. In fact, the machine is reticent, and scarcely anyone feels the noise and vibrations. Even the excellent design helps for proper ventilation of the motors. Thus, you can use this fantastic product for commercial purposes doubtlessly.

Let’s explore more on this product to checkout more of its exclusive features-

Bullet Point >> Features & Benefits

  • Kuvings slow juicer is a full feeding juicer with 3 inches wide Chute.
  • Kuvings silent juicer is a low-speed juicer and ensures perfect crush of ingredient.
  • The whole slow juicer comes with powerful 240W brushless motor.
  • The product supplies convenient smart caps for mixed fruit extracts.
  • The Kuvings masticating slow juicer almost quiet.
  • The amazing cleaning tool for smooth clean.
  • Kuvings masticating slow juicer comes with unique J.M.C.S technology and sophisticated design.


Whom is this product for?

Most probably you are in search for a worth reading review for a whole juicer. Thus, I hope this review won’t disappoint you anyway. As you are here to know all possible information about living whole slow juicer, it’s important to know for whom this product is being manufactured? Again, who are going to find it as an efficient juice extractor? Hence, here goes a list for this purpose:

  • It can be used as a commercial juicer for any juice bar.
  • Homemakers can rely on this to serve their family.
  • For sick people who needs juice on a regular basis.
  • All cafe and restaurant owners can use this without any doubt.
  • Those who need fresh fruit extract for diet.



✓ Comes with very powerful motor for heavy use.

✓ Larger feeding chute for more storage and comfortable cleaning.

✓ Includes fitted smart cap for making mixed juice.

✓ It’s slow crushing process preserves all nutrients entirely.

✓ The product provides extra cleaning tools to ease clean.

✓ Comes with an additional strainer for making frozen sorbet and dessert.

✓ Also, it’s designed for reducing noise and vibrations.


✗ No other voltage option except 110V.

✗ Additional processing is needed for preparing juices like nut milk.


Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer specification

  • Product Dimension: 9x 8.3 x 17.6 inches
  • Weight of the juicer: 14.1 pounds
  • Model No: KUVIYB6000S
  • Color: Silver & Black.
  • Material: Stainless Steel, hard plastic
  • Motor: 240W (Brush-less AC), higher torque
  • RPM: 60 RPM
  • The speed of juicing: Slow speed, 10 minutes.
  • Yield of juice: High
  • Cleaning time: Easy to clean like a breeze.
  • Best for making juice of all kind fruits, leafy greens, nut milk and frozen desserts of fresh fruit.


Features and benefits > As briefly discussed

  • Kuvings slow juicer is a full feeding juicer with 3 inches wide Chute:

The Kuvings slow juicer comes with a wide feeding chute about 3-inch die. So, it is very easy to clean and can produce more fresh juice in the right amount. Thus, it fits the preparing and cutting time. Again, you can provide more juice at a time with kuvings silent juicer. Thus, it saves your time while you got to do other works. Of course, you won’t have to worry about the nutrients of the juice.

  • Kuvings silent juicer is a low-speed juicer and ensures perfect crush of ingredient:

The Kuvings slow juicer is a low-speed juicer. Thus, it takes a little bit time for breaking. Thus, it squeezes juicy fruits and crushes hard fruits and vegetables at about 60 RPM speed. So, all nutrients, minerals, and vitamins are preserved entirely. Also, this slow process keeps the healthy and useful enzymes. Then you don’t need to be anxious about getting insufficient nutritious from the extracts.

  • The whole slow juicer comes with powerful 240W brush less motor:

The product ensures a good performance with the powerful motor of 240W supply. Again, the motor is an AC motor and brush less. Thus it provides maximum torque to produce juice in the more efficient way. Further, The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer gives a smooth crush for any ingredients. Hence, it extracts the juice gently without any significant effort. So, kuvings slow juicer will be an excellent product for home use.

  • The product supplies convenient smart caps for mixed fruit extracts:

If you are thinking of making juice with mixed fruits, you will need the cap to segregate. Thus, this kuvings slow juicer provides smart caps. Further, the Kuvings silent juicer contains the dip-free cap. Thus, it includes a self-rinsing system with a brush. Again, the brush is capable of rotating externally. Even you won’t face any trouble while cleaning it. As it rinses most of the debris by own, you will need less effort for further washing.

  • The Kuvings masticating slow juicer almost quiet:

As this is a whole slow juicer, it does not have any harsh noise as most efficient juicer includes. In fact, this product comes with a less vibration. So, it won’t annoy you with louder noise and massive vibration. Thus, this quiet machine is very convenient to health. Again, it can be operated without any mental disturbance. Thus the reducing noise is friendly to health.

  • The amazing cleaning tool for smooth clean:

Furthermore, this kuvings masticating slow juicer includes cleaning kits. So, you don’t need to buy additional cleaning tools for this purpose. Further, this product comes with the special brush for better cleaning. Even the machine contains a strainer for making sorbet. With the help of this, you can make delicious fruit sorbet for your family quickly. Again, the filter is blank and separate from the first strainer.

  • Kuvings masticating slow juicer comes with unique J.M.C.S technology and sophisticated design:

The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer is well designed juicing machine. Thus, the premium design enhances your kitchen beauty. Also, the whole slow juicer is made of modern patented technology. So, it assures best quality product and excellent durability. Again, it’s unique design allows proper ventilation from the motor.



Certainly, it’s not easy to get all facilities in a particular product nowadays. But this juicer has. Thus I didn’t find any major problems while researching on this kuvings whole slow juicer. If you have gone through this, you must know all its features. Again, if nutrients maintenance is your primary concern, this juicer is one of the right choices for you.

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